Sewing Machine Light LED Strip Lights Dimmable with Remote – Under Cabinet Lighting Kit for Sewing Machine (2 Meter/6.56 Feet)

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Sewing Machine Light, LED Strip Lights, Dimmable with Remote, USB Powered, Under Cabinet Lighting Kit for Sewing Machine, 2 Meter/6.56 Feet

-Price: $13.99

-Key differentiators: USB powered, dimmable with remote, under cabinet lighting kit

-Key features: 2 meter/6.56 feet length, 3M adhesive tape, 10 brightness levels

If you’re looking for a sewing machine light that’s USB powered, dimmable with a remote, and comes in an under cabinet lighting kit, then this one from Sewing Machine Light is a great option. It’s 2 meter/6.56 feet length makes it perfect for most sewing machines, and the 3M adhesive tape ensures it will stay in place. The 10 brightness levels allow you to customize the light to your needs.

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